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Monday, January 08, 2007

Marathon Update - Week 1

As promised, this is my weekly post on how my training is going for the Lincoln Marathon.

My planned miles for Week 1 of 18 were:

Monday - off
Tuesday - 3
Wednesday - 5
Thursday -3
Friday - off
Saturday - 5
Sunday - 8

Total - 24

The reason I picked the Higdon plan is that it is relatively simple, it doesn't have a lot of different workouts, basically just "normal" pace during the week, and then a long run on Sunday. Other plans have hill workouts, track intervals, etc during the week that although are good for training make it more complicated and therefore easier to screw up. I am going to try to do one of the shorter runs as a speed workout each week, but other than that nothing fancy for me.

I got off to a little bit of slow start, as I stayed up until 0400 on Monday (New Years Day) watching Michigan get worked by USC and was a little run down on Tuesday. So, I skipped Tuesday's run and took a nap instead.

But, the rest of the week went well, here is what I actually ran:

Monday - off
Tuesday - nap time
Wednesday - 5 @ 8:57 pace
Thursday -3.1 @ 7:44
Friday - off
Saturday - 5 @ 8:57
Sunday - 8 @ 9:40

Total - 21.1

Here is the plan for this week, Week 2 of 18:

Monday - off
Tuesday - 3
Wednesday - 5
Thursday -3
Friday - off
Saturday - 5
Sunday - 9 (there is a MLK 5k on Sunday so I am figuring out how to work this in, I might do the race and then pull a Forrest Gump and just keep runnin').

Total - 25

Tuesday may be a challenge again this week, as Florida vs The Ohio State University is on at 0400, so we'll be getting up early for that. There is even talk of grilling out some burgers at half time, we'll see how that goes. As always, I'm sure there will be pictures taken and blog posts to follow.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Babe!!!

Anonymous said...

Crushing the runs...keep it up sacker.


JH said...

I admire your perseverance.

CPT War Corn said...

Good work. I'll have to meet you in Lincoln for the race in May.

CPT WarCorn

Blaez said...

you have better disclipline and drive than I do.

good luck with the marathon!

Brian said...

Nice work my friend!!!
Keep it rollin'

Man I need to get one of those GPS wathces like you have. Looks like they give you a pretty acurate break down.

Ran into a bit of a hick-up. I bruised the iliotibial band that is connected from my right knee to the hip from pounding the streets. There aren't the flat streets, back roads or bike paths here like there is back in NE. (The east coast sucks) Running against traffic of course, on the extremely convexed streets caused over-pronating problems of my right foot tearing up my IT. Got some help though and am back in action brother. Gotta roll, got 5 on the scheduled for tonight! Take care buddy.

Stay Safe.

Ole Buddy B

Just heard today that you guys are getting sent 20,000 more heroes to help out over there. Kick-ass and take names troops! I believe