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In the deed the glory."

Friday, January 05, 2007

Cotton Bowl Recap

I am a little late getting this story up, but we capped off the 2006 Husker season in fine fashion. We begged and pleaded for the Colonel to let us use his office, and he graciously accepted. It was much better getting the hookup with the couches and the flat screen than watching on the 20 inch TV in our office. Or outside on the patio, it is getting quite chilly at night here. We picked up a few pizzas and some near beer and were on our way. CSM Hall was even nice enough to let us bust out some Husker gear for some good karma as well.

This picture makes me laugh because SFC Kerchal is carrying a case of beer and looks like he is up to something. We keep hoping they will mislabel a case and it will end up not being N/A but those Germans are just too efficient.

The S1 hanging out in style. The beer was a 16 oz bottle which was pretty fun. And tasty.

Lucky was the man. He was one of the few bright spots on offense.

TD Huskers!!! This is the view from the Colonel's desk. Not too shabby.

As you know, the game didn't end up as we would have liked. Did you know that we only had 64 yards or so from the time we scored our second touchdown with 9:00 left in the second quarter until the end of the game? Our coaches did a terrible job making adjustments at the half, which was really too bad as the defense played terrific the entire game. They definitely gave us an opportunity to win. Think how big the Michigan win was last year, this could have been the same sort of springboard for the 2007 campaign. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and we are still on the outside looking in of the nation's elite teams. Oh well, only 70 some days until the Spring Game!

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Blaez said...

Hey fellow football fan! Razorbacks lost, too. I didn't get to watch the games (lucky you) so you have an advantage on that part!

Just wanted to say hi. I found ya browsing some blogs I frequent. Think your gonna become one of those.