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In the deed the glory."

Monday, January 15, 2007

Marathon Update - Week 2

Well, I'm going to continue on my training plan for the time being, until we have some more concrete information on our pending extension. What I don't want to happen is that I quit training and they tell us the extension was just a big joke and we go home on time. Plus it will give me something to do.

My planned miles for Week 2 of 18 were:

Monday - off
Tuesday - 3
Wednesday - 5
Thursday -3
Friday - off
Saturday - 5
Sunday - 9

Total - 25

Here is what I actually ran:

Monday - off
Tuesday - 3 @ 8:57 pace
Wednesday - 4 @ 9:00
Thursday -3 @ 8:57
Friday - off
Saturday - 5 @ 8:57
Sunday - 9 @ 10:00

Total - 24

Pretty good week, I shortened the Wednesday run as I was getting tired and didn't want to push it too hard. My biggest struggle so far is getting the pacing right. The experts say that I should be running slower than I am currently to meet my goal, but I haven't been too winded so I'm going to play it by ear. I think as I keep increasing the miles I may find that I have to slow down some during the week.

Here is the plan for this week, Week 3 of 18:

Monday - off
Tuesday - 3
Wednesday - 5
Thursday -3
Friday - off
Saturday - 5
Sunday - 6

Total - 22

The schedule I'm on has increases in mileage for 2 weeks in a row followed by a 3rd week of "rest" and slightly decreased mileage. So this week should be a little bit easier. Then week 4 is up to an 11 mile long run and 29 total, so the training really gets going.


liberal army wife said...

If you see the Chief running around there, tell him hi.


Brian said...

Nice work Sack!

I'm with ya' still man. Definately gives you something to do doesn't it. Actually takes more time than it seems to get in all those miles. Nothing easy about those long run days is there? Except it does make those 3 milers feel like a warm up. Hal's plan suggests to work in some sort of other aerobic type work out on day a week so I've been doing one of those spinning classes on Mon. nights at the gym. Are you able to get in anything like that?

Keep pushin' man and I'm praying for you guys on the extension.


Anonymous said...


You better be keeping it up because I'm not sure realize the plans we have for you. :) Let's just say it involves T-shirts, and you as the official spokesman for Team Sack.


Keep up all you do. I'm sorry you've been extended. We all miss you and pray for you everyday.


Wymz said...

Don't give up on the running. Almost everybody here seems to be doing strength training, I'm working on endurance. Check out

Sack said...

LAW- Which Chief?? We have a few of them around here.

They have aerobics but no spinning. I have not being doing any cross training as of now. I need some free time to play Madden!

It was nice talking to you tonight. It is pretty cool that your station does that, I enjoyed being able to talk to the wife and kid.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you on 10/11 last night. You are doing an excellent job for the S1. You have a beautiful family.

Burnham's Mom