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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Internet Fun - 4

Stuff from around the Web for your viewing pleasure:

I did a post awhile back about Rock, Paper, Scissors and how an Omaha guy won the nat'l tournament. It turns out there is a World Championship as well. However the to prize is only 8 grand, so this once again shows that the USA is still superior.

You have all surely seen or heard of the racist rant that Kramer went on recently. It was of course completely uncalled for and way out of line. The funny thing was that he said afterwards that he's not a racist. I think he would have been better off just saying he was drunk or on drugs, that would have been more believable. Of course, the people that he offended know exactly what will make them feel better. Some cash please! That always makes me feel better when I've been insulted. The 4 people that he directed his remarks at have a lawyer and are setting up a meeting. Gotta love America.

Here is an update on the story I talked about Friday with the AP and their use of unverified sources. In the same article you can find this quote from a soldier here on Balad about our living conditions.

Living accommodations are nice, but then the Army has this magical ability to lower expectations. They let you sleep on the forest floor and then they give you a bedroll and you think you have it made. Then at some point you graduate to tents without floors and you think to yourself, "Why do I need to buy a house--this is great." Then they give you a cot to sleep on and maybe a plywood floor. Your feet never get dirty and you swear to yourself that you'll do this for 20 years because they treat you first class. In Kuwait they gave us an air-conditioned tent which made it like sleeping at the Ritz. The smell of suntan lotion and sand made it feel like Miami without the water and palm trees. Finally here in Balad we get small trailer rooms with floors, air conditioning and heating. They even have TV hookup and power. I only think to myself "I get paid to do this--sweet!" This is like a five-star resort. It's the biggest secret in the world. I better not tell anyone or else everyone will want to come to Iraq. Pretty funny stuff.

This was on the front page of the LJS, Nebraska Guard soldiers watching the Big Red at Anaconda. Unfortunately, it is not about our unit, which we are a little bent about because they just got here, and we have been suffering for the entire season. They also got a live feed for the game last week. And it looks like their chain of command lets them wear there Husker gear. No love for the Cav.

Finally, I've been meaning to touch on the Muslims that were removed from the US Airways flight last week. But, I read this piece and don't feel I need to say anymore. I think we've taken being tolerant a little too far, when 6 Muslims that are acting in bizarre ways are surprised when they are pulled from a plane. You can find a copy of the police report here, along with an eyewitness account of the incident that shows there was way more involved than just Muslim's saying their prayers.


Army Wife said...

The Nebraska game was painful for us to watch...


Forney said...


I was sure you'd have something posted about the game. I guess you are still trying to rebound from the loss and will post something when you are ready. Jeff and I went to the big game. It was fun, but we sure did not play the game we had hoped for. Zac with 50 pass attempts and three INTs? Lucky on the sidelines for most of the game? B Jackson getting carted off the field on a John Deere? Ugh.

On the positive side, Arrowhead was alive with Huskers everywhere! We definitely were there in masses to support the BIG RED machine. When we were driving home from KC today, we actually came to a complete stop about 5 times on the interstate about 10 or so miles from the Neb City exit. At first we thought there was an accident, but then we realized that it was just backed up because of all the Huskers trying to exit at Neb City to head west. Finally, the sherriff got to the scene and started directing traffic and it got better. The traffic from KC was worse than from Omaha to Lincoln on game day.

That's about it from me on the game. It's great to hear from you and know what you're doing and that all is well.

Take care and keep in touch.


Sack said...

You know, I was going to do a post game report but there just wasn't much to say that hadn't already been said. OU was the better team. We had too many turnovers and gave up the big plays that they didn't. Yet we still had a chance to win, so that is positive. I think we are 2 or 3 players away from being a great team.

Glad you had fun. Sounded like a home crowd for us! Great bowl game for us to be back on New Years day. Too bad it is so far away.

Brian said...

I'm trying to figure out what I want I should be training for. On one hand I have the life long goal of that Marathon. On the other...I've been training for that rock, paper, scissors, beer battle all my life.

About Kramer. Yeah, it was extremely disturbing and uncalled for in the context but me and the fella's had this discussion on the way to the BIG XII game. I couldn't believe the comments when I actually heard the video footage. Shoot, now it's tough to see him on Seinfeld in the same light. However, they got me thinking. I'm wondering about a few things. Why would these guys get any money and who would get it? Everyone in the group, regardless of race? Why does this tirade entitle them to dollars? Aren’t they offended when a "musical" group records songs about blowing, quote, "ni#@a's" heads off, smoking pounds of weed and having sex with everyone's moms & sisters? Shouldn’t we all get some money for that then? Isn't it offensive, though humorous, when Dave Chappell...well...speaks. Shoot Chappell had a “race draft” on one episode. So what do think Sack? Who’s the racist? Kramer cause’ he went crazy? I guess, but how come you have to be white to be a racist?

That US Airways deal is just plain scary. I can’t believe it wasn’t publicized more though. Those guys shouldn’t have just been taken off the plane. If you’re in this country, getting on an airplane envoking the name of Bin Laden and denouncing America for the demise of Hussein…put on your jump suit because you should be headed to Gitmo, Muslim or not.

Ole' Buddy B.