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In the deed the glory."

Friday, December 15, 2006

Interview with Jim from Thinking Right, Misc Stuff

I did an email interview this week with a gentleman named Jim for his blog Thinking Right. You can find it here. Thanks to SPC Erickson from Centcom public affairs for setting it up.

Also, the '95 Huskers were voted College Football's greatest team of all time. Herbstreit I guess accused the homer Nebraska fans of stuffing the ballot box, threw a hissy fit, and stomped off the stage at the show they had to announce the winners. Then they debated whether this years OSU team would compete with the '95 Huskers. No way. OSU is the best team this year, but greatest of all time? I think that is a stretch. This kind of reminds me of last year when everyone said last years '05 Trojans were the greatest team ever, right up unit the time they got beat by Texas.

Here are a few articles from around the web about our unit. SFC Lassek is one of our battle NCOs and runs a shift in the JDOC. This story from is about how his family is coping back home and a Sesame Street video that the military puts out. Benjamin gives the video 2 thumbs up. LTC Apprich, the Squadron Commander, did 2 interviews with while he was home. You can find them here and here. One interesting thing about being in a combat zone is there are lots of opportunities to do cool things. This story is about some of our guys that are part of an airborne command post, keeping the lines of communication open. SFC Brehm is one of our soldiers that went from being a medic to crew member.

Everyone's favorite soldier, SPC Beans, is going to be featured this week on KOLN 10/11. You can tune in Sunday night at 10:00pm. They profile a different soldier every week. After the story airs, it is posted on their website along with a short story.

Finally, I had to laugh when I read this article on My brother is good buddies with the Jarvis brothers. My dad prayed for me when I left, their dad is giving them tips on how to be a better killer. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...


Easy man, I was just kidding about the Cornhuskers thing. They are a good team. They've certainly given the Buffs a run for their money the past couple of years! Stay safe!


Kathi said...

Wow,you are getting more and more famous:)Good interview!!
Thanks for all the links! (you know I love those links) It was really interesting,to read all those articles..and in yet another thing that being a troop supporter has unexpectedly brought into my life,this ole redneck Virginian is registered with,LOL. I somehow never pictured that as a side effect. (and I'm apparently logged in forever,lol, as I can't figure out how to log OUT now:)"geeks who are grandmothers"...sighs and shakes her head.

Hope all you guys are doing well, we continue to hold you in our prayers!

Sack said...

We don't worry too much about what CU fans think, so no offense taken! Rough year to be a Buffalo fan.

My wife can't be bothered to set up an account and she lives there! Congrats, you will be an honorary Nebraska any day now.