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In the deed the glory."

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Husker Volleyball - Final Four

Well, the Husker Volleyball team is making its 13th straight appearance in the round of 16. That is pretty amazing, not many programs in any sport can claim such a record. They also have the second best all time win percentage in history at .750 in post season play. Wow. Of course they will be dominating and heading back to the QWest center for the Final Four.

Of course the Final Four has been sold out for some time. They released some tickets today, but we were unsuccessful in getting through the Ticketmaster lottery and getting any. So, if any of my 4 readers have any connections or know of anybody that has any extra tickets, my wife would love to go. Leave a comment or shoot me an email at if you have any ideas or leads.

And, a big Happy Birthday to Brandee, one of my faithful readers, biggest supporters, and all around good person. Hope you have a great day!

Been pretty busy over here, another big legal case going on in addition to the normal daily business. It makes the days fly by but doesn't leave me a lot of "Sack time." I have a few posts I'm working on (movies and marathons) that I'll hopefully get posted this weekend. And my normal monthly email for December I have on the list and will get to as soon as I have a chance. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck getting a ticket!!! But, if I hear of any available, I'll be sure and let the Mrs. know.

Ma Beans

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Brandee!!!!


Anonymous said...


Dan & Tank

Anonymous said... very own shout out on my favorite online site. Thanks....Steve...and B....and Dan...and Tank.

Just remember, I wouldn't even be celebrating it if it weren't for people like you. it would seem I should have some sort of volleyball hookup, I really have none. Maybe someday. Good luck!

Mark said...


I'm a new reader--just stumbled across your blog today and am completly hooked. While, for the most part, I disagree with you politically, we are definately thinking similarly in our love of all things Huskers. I am so pumped about Callahan and the overall direction the program is going, and I am really glad you have been able to follow this season so closely.

Anyways, regardless of political beliefs, I seriously am in awe of the sacrifice you have made and the courage you have shown. Thank you for everything you have done!

P.S. I have an account with I would be more than happy to get you the login info. if you would like. Just let me know an e-mail address where I could send if if you're interested.

Sack said...

I think you should make that one of your five year goals, to have an in at the Husker ticket office. I would be impressed. Hope you enjoyed your meal at Vincenzos. Great restaurant!

Thanks for stopping by. The Hammer is a religous devotee of the Red Sea Scrolls so he keep us updated on what the boards are saying. If you stay along maybe we can convince you to switch to the right team!

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