"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving in Iraq - the Pictures Part 2

Our PAO (public affairs office) here on Anaconda has a website where they upload pics of the big events after they are complete. I did some surfing and tracked down a few from the Thanksgiving night show.

Here is Delilah strutting her stuff. Like I said, a little bit risque. And I just dated myself by using the term risque. I am 30 by the way. Almost 31. She had a soldier come up and help her take the garter off. Yeah, okay....

John Popper kickin' it old school style.

Jamie Oneal and John Popper.

Not sure who this is. Oh right, the cheerleaders. Nice win by the Pats this weekend, probably due to the good karma from sending their women to Iraq to cheer up the troops.

Here is me in the Colonel's office during the game, pretending to be the boss, and ordering a code red. Of course my friend the PT belt is always around to keep me company.

The rumor mill says that the WWE folks are going to be here before Christmas, so we are pretty pumped about that. We are going to camp out so we can get ringside tickets. Should be a great time. You know who we'll be rooting for.


Adrianne said...

Hey Steve -
It's good to hear they're keeping you entertained! It's too bad because I was such a fan of Delilah until I saw the picture... I guess listening to hours upon hours of love songs will do that to you.

Things are good in Home-aha as Charlie affectionately calls it now. We moved into the new place a few weeks ago and are still getting settled. Sold our tickets for the big game this weekend so we can go meet our neighbors at the neighborhood holiday party. How's that for dating myself?

Talk to you soon -

Sack said...

Yup, she was in the mood for lovin'.

Nice. I'm glad that he is hopefully adjusting to life in the big city. Man, I would kill somebody for a chance to go to the game. Seriously. I am holding my knife right now and thinking about stabbing someone with it. Maybe Beans. And I also have an automatic weapon with hundreds of rounds at my disposal that I have no other use for. But I suppose your neighbors are more important than the first title appearance in 7 years. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you keep your hands off of my baby!!

Ma Beans.

Anonymous said...

Looking good as the man in charge, Steve. I hope he doesn't read your blog! And I agree with Ma Beans....maybe you should keep your hands off Beans. How else will you get your Christmas packages delivered to you???
Glad you could enjoy some Thanksgiving feasting.


Sack said...

Good point, I better find somebody else to take out my agression on. Maybe Fleck??

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