"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Friday, November 10, 2006

Louisville, Michigan vs Auburn, Texas A&M

Wow! What a game. Woke up this morning and watched the end of the Louisville game. If you didn't see it, it was a barn burner. Louisville needed the win to keep their Nat'l Title dreams alive. They were up 25-7 in the 3rd quarter and Rutgers came screaming back to tie it up. Rutgers got the ball with under 4 minutes to go inside their own 10 yard line. They ended up driving down inside the 20 for a game winning field goal. And they missed! But wait, Louisville is offsides, and they get another chance that they convert. Unbelievable finish. Good stuff.

There were about 10 1 loss teams that were watching and cheering, let the politicking begin for who deserves to play Michigan in the title game. I think it will be interesting because you know that some of these teams will start talking about how they deserve a shot, and the coach that screams the loudest will usually be the one that loses a game before the end of the year. It always seems to work out that way. You heard it here first, but I think Auburn ends up the title game. I'm not a huge Florida fan, although they should cruise into the SEC championship. Most likely Arkansas will be their opponent, as they are unbeaten in the conference and even if they drop one against either LSU or Tennessee they'll have the tiebreaker with Auburn. So we could have some more BCS hi jinx where Auburn doesn't win their conference but still goes to the big show ala Nebraska in '01. And I'm all for controversy. Of course our beloved 'Skers will get a huge win in KC knocking Texass out of the hunt.

We are on a roll with the AFN folks, and they've picked up the A&M game this week. At the beginning of the season we were hoping to get the USC and Texas games and feel very fortunate to have had 4 in a row with a great shot at getting the CU game as well (and a Big 12 title game). The only negative is that the game is on at 1130 PM our time, so we'll be up late. Which is fine by me. I think we match up pretty well with the Aggies. College Station is one of the toughest places to play but we should have a good shot at shutting down the run. We'll have trouble running on them as well, but that is why we installed the West Coast Offense so we can throw it around a little bit. I'm already mentally preparing myself for the whole kissing your girlfriend debacle. I'm sure if you are a cadet it is pretty cool but watching it on TV really turns my stomach. I'm feeling a solid win for the good guys, we get up early and then grind out the W. We'll do our part with a SSG Johnson led BBQ in the middle of the night, you do your part with steaks on the grill and co' beers.

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Nic said...

Oh, now really. Do you really want to go there with the "Texass" comment? Seriously. Look at the rankings of the 'Skers against UT. We are ranked either 3, 4 or 5 in the standings in the top polls, depending on which one you look at, and Nebraska is where? 25 on the USA Today poll and in the ESPNU Allstate Standings and not on any other polls. Ouch! Gotta hurt right there.

But, I will be kind b/c I hope that y'all kick the snot outta A&M tomorrow. Because of that and because I am being magnanimous I will cheerfully say GO BIG RED! Enjoy the cookout! The pics always look so tasty and make my tummy rumble. Oh wait, it's doing that now. But then again it's time for lunch over here.

Oh, and I think it might actually be warmer here today than over there. It's supposed to reach 90 here in Austin today. November. That is a downright shame for a girl who loves the cold weather. Dan had a good laugh over that when we talked this morning. He was the one who brought up that I was warmer over here than he was over there.