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In the deed the glory."

Monday, November 20, 2006

BigRed Network, Ohio State vs USC

One of the sites I've started checking quite often for news of my beloved Huskers is I always surf by on Fridays to print out their handy pocket guide for each game. It has the 2 deep rosters for each time in addition to other fun facts and figures that you can use to impress your buddies during the game. They also do a nice job finding some of the more obscure news and links from around the web. For example, their link for a first person account at the A&M game led me to this little nugget. Herbstreit voted A&M #21 this week in his AP ballot. So surely the 'Skers are rated higher than that seeing as how the last game that was played we won. In College Station. Alas, we are no where to be found. I did some Googling (is that a verb yet?) this morning and tried to find his week 11 and 12 ballots to find out what he had us last week, but was unsuccessful. Maybe he turned the game off early and thought A&M won? If so, that is grounds for losing your vote.

The head honcho at BigRed Network contacted the Hammer and I to ask about how we roll on gamedays here in Iraq. They have a nice article you can find here with our answers. Head on over and check it out. Part II will be posted sometime soon, as usual I was long winded so you'll need a few minutes to dig through everything.

It was nice watching the big game on Saturday and not being emotionally invested. I was definitely rooting for Michigan. I've always been a fan of the Wolverines, ever since I harbored delusions of grandeur and attending U of M. However, those dreams were dashed when I found out they don't let poor people from Nebraska go there. Ohio State was definitely the better team on Saturday. Were it not for a few mistakes they may have won by a much bigger margin. Great effort by Michigan, but it came down to the basics and they just didn't tackle well.

So of course the big controversy is who is the best one loss team. First of all, I don't think everyone needs to get all worked up quite yet. Lots of football left to play. I saw a quote from Florida's coach Urban Meyer about how if Michigan and tOSU play again they need to immediately scrap the BCS. Settle down Urban. You've got a big game to win before you can get angry about getting passed over. Come back and get upset after you win the SEC and don't get a shot. In fact, but whining about it now I think you've assured yourself of a loss against the Razorbacks.

Second, as much as I hate to say this, I think USC will win out and jump Michigan. If they do, they deserve to get a shot. The main thing for me is that unless Ohio State plays and beats a good team from another conference, we won't know really how good they were. Michigan had their shot and they weren't good enough, sorry. Of course, by saying this I've now effectively locked USC out of the title game, see my earlier post about Auburn vs Michigan in the title game for an example. Nobody called me out on that one, so I am going to keep prognosticating. I wouldn't have a problem with USC, Florida or Arkansas in the title game. ND doesn't belong, but it would be fun if they beat USC, get the bid, and then get destroyed by Ohio State. That would be okay. I would only want to see Michigan get in if all of the 3 teams above lose in the next 2 weeks.

4 days to Colordao! Normally I'm the one warning about watching out for the Buffs as they always play us tough. Not this year. They are bad. Very bad. And we are a different team at home. Plus Cally with a week to prepare is always a good thing. I think we get up early and win handily. The game is on AFN so we'll be watching A&M vs Texass first and then our game, will be a good night of football.

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