"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Husker Ramblings

It may end up badly for us again, but we are on a hot streak with AFN. NU vs Mizzou will be televised, and again since it is an early game we will be able to watch it at 8:00 here. Now, the 3 games that AFN has picked up live are USC, Texas, and Okie St. Hmmm, coincidence? I am ignoring that they played Iowa State on tape delay as that doesn't help my argument. So part of me was hoping that they were going to not televise so we could break the streak.

I think the Huskers have some work to do this week. Obviously the balance of the season is resting on this game. I don't think must win quite covers it. The match up isn't a great one for us, as Missouri's spread offense may wreak havoc on our secondary and really challenge our linebackers. The front four is going to have to do a better job of penetrating and stopping the run, and the linebackers and secondary really need to show up for this game. Offensively we should be able to run the ball on Missouri, as Oklahoma looked to have some success against them last week without Peterson.

As far as last week's games, it really took a lot out of me. I kept waiting for the funk to lift all week so I could get excited for this game, but it still hasn't happened and the game is tomorrow. There is just something about the team basically shutting down that left me depressed. I still don't know why we went away from the run after the 1st quarter.

We were working out the other day and Scream was on the tv. There wasn't any sound but I was able to watch the first 20 minutes or so. Great horror movie, one of my favorites, and the opening scene is fantastic. Some say this reinvigorated Drew Barrymore's career. Anyway, the point of the story is that when you are battling a serial killer, and you get a nice heel stomp, head butt, or crotch punch in, you don't immediately run away. This never works. What you should do in this situation is seize the advantage, and seek to crush a windpipe, break a skull, or reign down repeated blows on the assailant before stealing his knife, stabbing him in the heart, and saving the day. Analogy time: this is what the Husker team seems to be lacking this year. We can score some points and get up early, but then we try to run away and crawl through the doggie exit in the garage door. (BTW, there is no way that a garage door could lift a person, even one as small as Rose McGowan, much less crush them to death again the garage). Next time we are up by 17 points early (tomorrow I hope), the gloves need to come off. We need to start breaking some stuff, and not go away from what got us the lead. Take that knife and put it firmly in the chest like a TO coached team liked to do.

The other thing that bothered me after the game was Billy C's attitude. The whole, "All of our goals are still intact" speil is starting to get old for me. While technically correct, it lacks the aforementioned killer instinct. I'd rather hear a Jim Mora profanity laced tirade about how the coaching was atroucious, our guys weren't ready, and we got beat but a second class citizen of the no so Big this year 12. Big 12 North titles are for the Kansas States and Missouris of the world, National Championships are what the Huskers should be focused on. Do I think we have the talent this year to compete for a National Title? No way. But that doesn't stop the focus and the attitude being on more than just winning the North and getting another shot at Texas and hopefully playing decent and not getting blown out. It is a subtle difference in my mind. If we do end up winning the North, playing well in the title game, and getting a decent bowl game, that would be a decent season. But we should want more. We should want to go on the road against teams like Okie St and Iowa St. and take care of business, leave no doubt that we are in the elite and they aren't. Beat them into submission. Let them know this is how you play if you want to compete in Division 1.

Well, that is all I have to say about that. We are going to do burgers and italian sausage on the grill tomorrow, so that should help. And by we I mean SSG Johnson, he is the NCOIC of grilling operations due to his superb showing so far this year. There is also a rumor of some semi-famous nacho dip being involved as well. The one good thing we have going for us it that SFC Kerchal's wife sent us some Misty's seasoning so that can only be a good omen. Go Big Red.


Nic said...

Since y'all aren't playing us I can too say Go Big Red.

I hope y'all win one this weekend.

On another note:

GO HORNS GO! (heeheehee)

Brian said...

I'm with ya' Sack. I'm tired of the same old Billy C's "our goals are still in tact BS as well. Dan tells me that he's got some fire to him and I'd like to see it. How bout' another throat slashing antic or something. Ok, well maybe not. Other than the 3 out of 4 early season games, it appears that we've been playing to the competition instead of having that killer attitude of years past like you said. I somewhat disagree with you though that we don't have the talent. I think we have tremendous athletes with great talent this year. However, I'm not sure that we have the heart of years past.
You are right though. Time for the gloves to come off. Heck, leave the gloves in the locker room. Come out swingin' and just keep on pounding (I'm visualizing that scene from The Patriot when Mel just loses it on that guy with his hatchet.) We have to win ball games with authority and make sure the other team physically feels the punishment of the BIG RED in order to restore the order. There needs to be no doubt in the minds the oposition that they ever at any time throughout that ball game had the chance or oppertunity to win againt the Huskers.

In the words of Ali "You don't want to get in the ring with me...I'm a bad man!"

If the order was restored, there wouldn't be a single player able to sleep on the Mizzou team tonight do to fear of the wrath of the Scarlet & Cream.


Ole' buddy B

Anonymous said...

OK...Now let's do it again against A&M!

Sack said...

Your longhorns sure rolled against Okie State. They know how to take care of business against teams. Your QB is impressive, if we end up getting to the Big 12 title game I'm sure he will have more confidence than he did up here which will open up the playbook some for you. Which is scary for us. I wish I could say good luck but I don't really care for your team!

Well stated. Way to keep it real on the East Coast. That was a hatchet like performance to put us in the drivers seat.