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In the deed the glory."

Saturday, July 08, 2006

RSTA Review

SFC Douglas Schultz is our Squadron PAO (Public Affairs Officer). One of his many duties is creating and publishing our unit newsletter. The RSTA Review comes out twice a month, the 1st and the 15th. It is a much anticipated event each month. Our unit website, available here, has them linked for your viewing pleasure. They are on the home page towards the bottom left. The website is pretty new so there isn't much else on here, but keep an eye out later for new content. The 1 July 06 issue has a story that I put together that talks about my employer and also some pictures of my promotion. The other issues have lots of good pictures about what our unit is doing here. This is a picture of our section that was taken for the newsletter:

Front kneeling (l-r): SGT Hanseling and SPC Gaskins. Standing: SSG Johnson, me, and Chief Regan. Seated on truck: SFC Kerchal and SPC Fleck. Standing on truck: SPC Burnham and SPC Benes.

1 JULY 2006.pdf


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve!
Thanks for starting this blog and keeping us updated on what you're up to. I continue to be impressed at how you've been able to make the most of this assignment and learn and grow from it. Congrats on the promotion and all the big milestones in your personal life as well.

In other news - looks like I'll be back in Omaha just in time for football season. And your coworker no less... Not official yet, but well in the works. I'll give you details as I get them.

In the meantime, definitely keep the posts coming.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are keeping us all posted! Congratulations on your promotion. Things are pretty much the same here. Glad to hear you have our flag flying high again. It is a sad state of affairs on my new team as Nici and Shari (McElroy) are both Iowa fans. I'm sure we will have plenty to cheer about this year which means I will have plenty of grief to give them.

Keep the flag flying and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve! I've been threatening for some time to get hooked up online so I can comment on these wonderful blogs- well here I finally am! (Is each posting a blog or am I saying that wrong? Admittedly I had not heard of a blog until you created one!) anyway I'll start catching up tomorrow...tried to read your newsletter but can't scroll down on the document... okay now i'm getting cut off so I'll check out here. Love you,

Forney said...


Keep up the great work over the blog. Ben is so cute!

Not much new here...the latest big event at our house is the little guy now has a big boy bed. It's cool, but we do tend to get a late night visitor every now and again. I'll have to send you a couple of pictures of the kiddos.

I read your article about CAG...great write-up and I am glad you and Erika are getting treated the way you are by CAG. I'm sure it makes things just a little easier for you.

Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. Keep the big red flying high over there...the countdown to game 1 is on - can't wait! We have season tickets now...pretty cool.

Keep yourself safe and take care,

Anonymous said...

Would someone be willing to explain to me how this nickname, Sack, came about? I would be much appreciative. :)


Sack said...

That sounds like a good idea for another blog.

Anonymous said...

Steve or Brian will have to respond to your comment. I hope they do cause I'm not even sure I remember where the nickname came from

Brian said...

Hey Steve,

"The Sack"? Yeah...definately room in a whole nother' blog for that, right?
I believe you might be right too about the 4th of July. Just might be 7yrs. Ouch...we must be getting old. Nahhhh!

The Sack, you ask? Well, some things just can't be explained properly. But, I'll put it this way. "The Sack" is alot like that grocery bag overflowing with colorful goods. The guy continually seems to be overflown with wisdow, humor, strength, love and experience. He is the Sack.

Stay Safe Steve!

Ole' buddy B