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In the deed the glory."

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another Kane Joins the Guard

Good news from the homefront. My younger brother Jeff has been working on getting into the Guard for a while now. About a week ago he jumped over his final hurdle and signed his enlistment contract. So, there will now be 2 Kane's in the Guard. Currently he is slotted to join the Cav as well, so we'll be in the same unit. Hopefully nobody will hold him being my brother against him. He doesn't ship for Boot Camp for a couple of months, so he is going to continue to work out and get ready to go. He said he has already been crushing the workouts and is ready to get after it. Hopefully it will work out so that he is graduating from boot camp after I get home so I can attend, and make him do pushups. This is a picture from my going away ceremony down at Camp Shelby. Wish Jeff luck if you see him around.


Anonymous said...


As it stands right now my recruiter will call me this week to tell me if I will be granted permission to switch to 91-W or Firefighter. My bets are on the Fire slot(I can't remeber the code), that would be cool except for the fact that the school is 13 weeks.Thanks for helping me with the hurddles and checking information for me. I always have tried to follow your foot steps, but filling your shoes is damn near impossible. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Jeff...


Anonymous said...

Good for you Jeff! Wish you the best in your new journey. Your right about the tough footstep to fill. Be your own man, but following the steps of your brother will definately lead a guy down the right path. Lots of admiration and respect for you both. The Guard is damn lucky to have you two Kanes in uniform.

Your Ole' Buddy B

mindy said...

Well put Brian.
The Guard has two of the finest men there are.