"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

British Open Final Round Underway

Final round is underway. Here is how I see it playing out today. Sergio is going to choke. We've seen this before, when he is paired with Tiger he doesn't bring his A game. Tiger is going to play good but not great. Ernie is going to stay steady all day. Tiger is going to break out the driver on 16 to try to get an eagle to open up some space, but instead will crush the ball out of bounds, giving the big easy an inside lane to victory!

I have been behind on posting some pictures, so I thought I would share one of Ben.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve -

I was reading this post with Evan on my lap. I clicked on the picture of Ben to enlarge it and Evan went crazy with excitement - talking to Ben and reaching out for him. It always amazes me that kids recognize other kids.

Anyway - we're definitely moving back to NE the weekend of 8/25 and I'm starting my new job on 9/5. Looking forward to being in the same city when you get back!


Brian said...


That is one good looking kid. Glad to hear that he's up and walking now.

Congrats' Ade. Back to the big O Town? Nice to move somewhere and already have good friends and family. Exciting for all involved I'm sure.


Adrianne said...

Thanks Brian! Yeah, we're pretty excited. Well, 2 of us are excited. Charlie's a little uncertain, but to his credit, he's taking the plunge. I keep reminding him of how nice the zoo is. :)

How about you guys? Are you Yankees for good now?

Brian said...

"Temporarily" a Yankee. I will forever be a Husker, Adrianne. We've been here for just over 2 years now but still hold onto hope of getting back to the Heart Land.
Good luck to you guys.