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In the deed the glory."

Monday, July 24, 2006

British Open Final

Well, the British Open is complete and it ended as expected. Tiger didn't give anyone else a chance and played really well all day. My boy had some chances but couldn't make a big run when we needed to. A couple of observations:
  • How scary is that Tiger wins the British Open by 2 strokes and only hits Driver one time? The old tiger won by bombing drives and hitting short irons into every green, the older more mature tiger dominated without the long ball. I think this would really bother me if I was Sergio, Els, Mickelson, etc.
  • The emotional ending for Tiger was pretty cool. You would think that after winning 10 other majors he wouldn't get that excited anymore. I know a lot had to do with his dad, but it was still neat to see that he still cares so much about winning.
  • Now, this may sound insensitive, but who else thinks that the media made a little bit much of the fact that Dimarco and to a lesser extent Tiger are out there playing again so soon after losing a parent? Tiger took 9 weeks off and Dimarco took 3. Who else in this soceity gets a 2 month vacation when they lose a parent? Jim the mechanic and Dave the cop get their 3 days off for the funeral and then are told to get back to work. Nobody writes a story about how courageous they are for getting somebody's car fixed. If a soldier loses a parent they get 10 days convalescent leave and then are told to get back on a plane for Iraq.
  • SSG Johnson and I thought it was comical that after Sergio got off to a terrible start, they didn't show any coverage for him like 10 holes. After we noticed it and started payting attention it was pretty darn funny. One hole he was putting and rather than show him they showed Tiger watching him. On another he was teeing off and the shot was of Tiger talking to his caddy who was picking a club. Sergio who??? It was like Tiger was playing by himself.

Well, back to the daily grind. Today is our 4th month anniversary, so we are 1/3 done with our time in country. Our section celebrates this milestone by going "out to eat" at BK or Pizza Hut. I think I'll have a whopper tonight.


Forney said...


Your updates on the British Open have been great...I didn't get to see all of the Open, but did see a bit on Saturday and a bit on Sunday. I really enjoyed watching Tiger play well all day and agree with you that it's great to see him show that kind of emotion after a win. Like you said, you really know it means something to him.

By the way, have you always liked the Big Easy or do you just like him because he wears SAP on his chest proudly?

I am off to Naperville tomorrow for a full day of PMP reviews (4 of them) and back home at night. Then I'm off to Cincy on Wednesday and Baltimore on Thursday. I know you mentioned in a previous post that I should have lots of miles racked up with all of the traveling...and I do, but I just can't figure out how to spend my CAG miles anywhere. I wouldn't exchange my CAG miles for Delta or any other...pays to fly corp with no delays at O'Hare, etc.

Enjoy the Whopper!!!


Brian said...


Good updates on the Open. I agree with you, nice to see Tiger with a bit of emotion. Man it's fun to watch that guy play golf. Cool to see a couple other guys have the opertunity to come close, but it just seemed like if he would have had to, that he could have brought out something else out of the bag and still buried em'.

Like Dan said the other day. Who was the gal that they had paired up with Tiger on Sun.? What a joke. They probably didn't want to show him on world wide TV because of the imbarrasement that he was causing himself by dressing up like a stick of butter. I mean, who lied to him and told him one, that he looked professional. Two, it looked good and three...nice pants. Hey Sergio, leave the yellow jersey for the Tour de France, huh? Would have much rather seen The Big Easy, (a cloned swing of the Sack's) and Tiger head to head in the final pair.

Take care buddy.
Stay Safe!


Sack said...

I've always been a fan of Els. I have gone so far as to pattern my swing after him. Although the results are not quite as good. The SAP emblem on his shirt just seals the deal.

That was an angle that I didn't think of. You are right, his outfit was probably messing up the telecast. They had too many calling up and saying that there was soemething wrong with their tv. Horrible. I wonder who told him as he walked out the door that looked okay.