"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pictures from Leave - 5

Benjamin and I hanging out in the kitchen.

LC's BBQ in Kansas City. We went to KC for a night, hit the Plaza and Worlds of Fun, but the highlight of the trip was eating at LCs. On your next trip to KC I highly recommend that you stop here and get lunch. It isn't cheap or clean, but the food is outstanding. You won't be disappointed. Once you've had brisket from here, you won't be able to eat it anywhere else for some time.

Veggie tales before night-night.

Benjamin and Buddy on the slide at the park.


Brian said...

That's one good lookin' young man you guys have there. Boy is he growing. Couldn't be happier for you guys.

So is L.C.'s any better than "Fat Boys Midtown? I guess that's not very tough to do though.

Take care.


Sack said...

He is lucky that he got his mom's looks. We need a lil' B running aroung Greenwich Village lookinf for Udai and Quasi!

Oh, man, not evey close. What was the place on 13th and D we went to in college? Rays BBQ or something like that? Same atmosphere, twice as good. The beans are phenomanal, better than We Be Tearing Up Your .....

Anonymous said...

He is lucky that he got his mom's looks. We need a lil' B runningne-show.46ime=1

Anonymous said...

Sack, are you really saying that this LC'S is even better than when you and Jorgensen use to make your expeditions from sheltered west O to North O for the infamous smoke pit BBQ? That is Crazy talk.

Sack said...

Not even in the same ball park. Not even close. Next time you are in the Cornhusker state we'll recreate one of our KC trips just for you.

Brian said...

We B Tearin' Up Yours. Nice Sack. Good stuff, good stuff.

"Rays" at 13th & E.
Um yeah, all take the brisket, a corn on the cob, 6 ribs and umm, oh yeah! I almost forgot. I saw that other guy order a dime bag-o-weed with his wings...