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Monday, October 30, 2006

NY Times + Omaha = Love

I can honestly say that I never expected to read anything good in the NY Times about O-Town. I signed up awhile back to get the daily headlines from the NY Times emailed to me (lots of interesting stuff from the center of the Universe). Imagine my surprise when the following op-ed piece by Richard Dooling appeared in my inbox. The full story is here. The article addresses the falling real estate prices around the country (the topic du jour for the sky is falling crowd) and suggests that one solution is to cash out of the coast lifestyle and find a new home in the Midwest. Some highlights:

What if it is time to cash out? Where do you go? If you sell on either coast, then you need to find real estate somewhere that the housing bubble missed. Guam? American Samoa? Wait, how about eastern Nebraska? Downright frothless when it comes to housing: the median home price here usually chugs along at the annual rate of inflation and never goes down (up 4 percent last year, up 22 percent over the last five years).

Before you recoil in horror at the thought of living in Omaha, a city of 414,000 souls, consider that this year Money magazine ranked it seventh of the nation's 10 best big cities to live in, ahead of New York City, which ranked 10th. O.K., now you may recoil in horror.

So, why do people live in a state with high taxes, no mountains, no ocean beaches, no lakes to speak of, no major professional sports teams, no grand old museums or dazzling science centers? The three answers you hear most often from Nebraskans are: (1) quality of life; (2) good schools; (3) wouldn't moving be kind of a bother?

Surprising stuff. Now, there are some jabs at us simple Midwestern folks, which is to be expected, but all in all is a decent read. Of course, if you are reading this, live in New York, and are actually thinking about moving to Nebraska, don't do it. You won't like it. We don't want you. See, we aren't all that friendly. Unless of course your name is Ol' Buddy B than you are welcome any time.

Here is some other stuff I've been accumulating from around the web:
  • Dance your cares away. Worry is for another day. Let the music play. Down in Fraggle Rock. Yup, there is a movie is on the way. I think we'll be there on opening night.
  • This article is on everyone's favorite topic. Regardless of your stance on immigration, this should make you laugh. Or maybe not, but I laughed so there.
  • Paint ball guns are for sissies. We need armor!

Tomorrow is Halloween of course. Benjamin is daddy's little scarecrow and is quite the cutie. I am going to dress up as a Legal NCO for the first half of the day. Then my costume will be an out of shape sweaty guy at the gym. That is about it. Not really a trick or treat kind of town where I'm at, so you can rule that out. I'm sure there will be something good at the chow hall though. Enjoy your holiday and stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Does the Legal NCO costume come with the G.I Joe kung Fu grip? You could always deck yourself out in Camel spiders.


Brian said...

I know I comment & ramble on in your blog a lot, but this is something that hits real close to home since I've lived them both and the fact that I love Nebraska more than it is healthy to, I have to say something... And by the way, thanks for the open invitation.

East coasters stay the ____ away from Nebraska! Understand? I'll say it again. STAY AWAY FROM NEBRASKA! For years and years and years you've created your own liberal, left wing ideological mess of an economical and social taint. Now embrace it and deal with it. That may offend some easterners but, so be it. I've been offended every day for the past two years. Coments like "you're not from around here, are you?" because I'm polite, treat people with respect and speak clear precise english really gets old. Ecspecially from those that are not from here. Meaning the United States. And, yeah I say "hey" to people I've never met, even on a subway, because its polite and that's how you meet other good people. Simply by saying hello. But I'll get off that soap box.
Specifically on your topic of realestate though who could blame anyone from trying to get away from this mess. The average sale price of homes in 2006 in this town of Greenwich, CT this year according to Country Living Associates of Darien, CT was $2,954,393. "Average". Just to give you an idea I insured a home this morning that was a single story 1038 sq. ft. home on 0.23 acres that sold for $997,500.00. And that's the norm. Yep, those numbers are the striaght up truth.
Myself...I'll take Nebraska.

I'm out!

Ole' Buddy B.

Sack said...

It comes with the iron pen of ruined careers and not the kung fu grip, although that is an option.

Your comments and rambling are always appreciated. You are on your own little deployment there, behind enemy lines on the Eastern seaboard. Surronded by a people that don't like your values or your language. Ready to kill or rob you at a moments notice. Keep the faith and remember your roots! Represent!!