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In the deed the glory."

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pictures from Leave - 3

More pictures from my time at home. Here is the first picture I took. We stopped on the way home from the airport and picked up some co' beer. This is about 5 minutes after we got back to the house, tasty.

We had my family over the next night for pizza. My sister-in-law Bonnie made this cake. It was also as tasty as it was patriotic. Did I mention that I gained 7 pounds while I was home? This cake, along with my mom's carrot cake that she brought over, were partially responsible.

Benjamin driving his car. I can't think of a way to work tasty in here. This kid likes the car and his wagon a lot. I also got him a bubble mower while I was home that he really likes to push around. We'll have him on the real mower by this time next year I'm sure.

So, I mentioned yesterday that AFN, our 10 channel cabel provider, was carrying the Husker game. Burnham went out late yesterday to check what channel the game was on and said he couldn't find it. At first I wasn't worried because I figured he had it screwed up. Then SSG Johnson went out and couldn't find it. At this point we were in full panic mode. The Hammer found a link on the AFN website that said the game had been pre-empted for, get this, the Astros/Braves baseball game due to the MLB playoff implications. Are you kidding me? So the St. Louis Cardinals September meltdown and complete inability to close out the Astros is costing me a Husker game on TV in Iraq? It is not like we can just run down to Brewsky's and have some wings and a pitcher. I haven't been this angry since Kiley and Booms went off the air.

All was not lost however. We can get the radio broadcast on, so we still got up at 0230 and came into the office to listen to the game. I only have this to say about the game, we need to do 1 of 2 things. Either come up with a pass rush from the front 4, or get the heck out of our base defense. From what we could gather we basically sat back in the zone all night and let KU pick us apart. At some point (like after KU passed the 500 yards of total offense mark) you've got to start making some adjustments. Also, our secondary isn't very good. But you knew that already. Brad made the comment that we really gave our upcoming opponents some good film to watch to spot our weak points. Should make the rest of the season interesting.

Some other observations from around the NCAA:

I love seeing Iowa lose. Couldn't be happier. I don't like anything about this team. Nothing makes me smile more than knowing that Sheldon, Lisa, Tanya, and John will be crying themselves to sleep tonight. Ha ha. Ohio State should march into the Michigan game unbeaten barring a meltdown as they have a pretty cake Big 10 schedule, but this team doesn't look to be one that will overlook any opponents. They don't inspire the kind of awe that last years Texas or USC teams did but I really don't see anyone beating them. We could up with Ohio State vs West Virginia title game this year, which would be pretty lame. Michigan looked solid. Not quite as good as my Michigan dynasty team on NCAA Football 2007 but close.

I read something funny on (which you should check out if you like sarcastic sports commentary and is quickly becoming one of my new favorite websites). Someone posted during the Michigan State - Illinois game that Michigan State was 12:09 away from being kicked out of Division 1. I feel bad for their fans, they let a huge win against Notre Dame slip away last week and then lost to Illinois, the Big 12 doormat, at home. Ouch.

Colorado has lost 9 games in a row dating back to last year. Double ouch. They'll probably still play us tough though. Iowa State needed a 4th quarter comeback to beat Northern Iowa, a I-AA school. In a sign of how far our program has fallen, we haven't won in Ames since 2000. We are going to start emailing AFN today to get that game on as ABC has picked it up for the 7:00 game next week (regional coverage), hopefully as a makeup for getting jobbed this week at the last minute.

Arizona State got crushed for the second week in a row. I wonder if they miss Sam Keller? Rudy Carpenter threw 4 interceptions last week and was 6 of 19 for 33 yards this week with 1 interception. 33 yards!!!! And Keller is running our scout team.

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