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Monday, October 09, 2006

Anaconda 10 Miler and Stetson Update

I'm sure everyone back home has been anxiously waiting to find out how the Anaconda (Army) 10 miler went. I am pleased to announce that the race was a complete success. First of all, SSG Johnson decided Friday morning while shaving that he was going to run as well, even though he hadn't really been training. I think he was on the fence a little bit on Sunday, but due to the constant negativity from some of our co-workers that he couldn't do it and he was stupid for trying (I'm paraphrasing here) he was committed by the time we went to bed Saturday. In spite of only running up to 4 miles at once prior, he ran with me the whole way, and it was really nice to have someone to talk with for the entire run. So give Brad a big hand for crushing the 10 miles like a pro. There were over 500 people running, which was about 4oo more than last year, they even ran out of race numbers they had so many people sign up.

As I mentioned before, I was hoping to run in less than 90 minutes (9:00/mile pace). With the help of my trusty Garmin Forerunner (a GPS enable device that gives you pace/distance/time updates by the second), we started out just under 9:00. We actually were able to slightly improve for the first few miles, and were running closer to 8:30 by mile 4. I had thought that due to not having run over 4 miles for about a month that about the 6 mile mark I would start to get tired and slow down, but that didn't happen for me until close to the 8.5 mile mark. By that time we were so close to finishing that I was able to power through it. We came it at 1:25:53, which worked out to an 8:35 pace. To top it all off, I wasn't even really sore afterwards and feel fine today, with the exception of a small blister on one toe. All in all, it was a great event. By the time we finished eating, showering, and getting ready, it was game time for our tape delayed Husker game. We successfully avoided hearing the score and were able to watch at 10:00 am our time. Good performance by the Huskers, I think that anytime you can go on the road in the Big 12 and get a W, it is a good thing. Cosgrove must have read my post last week because he definitely mixed it up with some pressure and even some dime defense. I'm sure that was I was the only one that noticed this and commented on it, so you have me to thank for the defense performance. We've already started emailing AFN to try to get the K-State game picked up. Wish us luck there.

SSG Johnson and I at the finish line.

These medics ran the entire race in this gear. PTs and running shoes are for sissies!

I am also pleased to report that my Stetson has arrived (see previous post here). Our New Jersey unit has a connection with the Stetson guys so we get a discount. Now, it comes looking like an Amish hat, so there is some work involved in getting it to look like a Cavalry Stetson. SFC Kerchal and CSM Hall helped me out. I can't tell you too much about it, that would be like David Blaine giving up the secret to how he levitates. I will say there is an industrial steamer, tomahawks, chicken parts, and horse hair involved, but that is all I can say.

Here is the Stetson. Inexplicably, the Flying Squirrel diagram is still on Hammer's white board, even though it happened like 4 months ago. Obviously he either doesn't have enough to work to do or is holding on this former glory. Because of too many incidents like this, the diving boards are closed, which means we pretty much quit going to the pool.

SFC Kerchal and I looking cool. Sabers ready!


Anonymous said...

Looking Good Babe!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking like a squared away cav member in that sweet stetson Sack. congrats on the run, you are crazy running ten miles @830 pace that is commendable. Those medics are nuts, but that is motivating to see. keep crushing the runs, when you get back you can leave me dust vapors to suck in when we go running. J

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does SFC Kerchal's Stetson have more curve???

Nice work at the run. I think I'm doing well when I can complete a 5k with 3rd graders. Very impressive Brad. Way to show all the naysayers what's up! Keep it up.


Sack said...

Half marathon here I come!

His does have more curve. I figure I would start out slow with the curve, I can always add more back in. Plus I like to be able to see while I'm wearing it, call me crazy.

Brian said...

That's motivational!
Just got better as this entry went on. That time is impressive and for Johnson to step up and give it a wirl. Big applause to Brad. I guess that means you guys are headed for the half next? I'm not sure though if the medics running geared up is motivational or just mind boggling. Blisters fellas'?

Lookin' good with the Stetson my man!

Stay safe.


Brad said...

I just wanted to let everyone know that after today there is hope that I will eventually be able to run again. Steve of course has continued his workouts and has been running several miles as I struggle to walk from work to my room. But hey, I'll wear that t-shirt with pride.