"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Monday, August 28, 2006

Internet Fun - 3

A few more articles from around the Web dealing with our deployment.

This is a story about our Civil Ops team and how they are working on getting clean water to villages. Trick or Treat: the latest from Rebecca Santana about the dangers of handing out candy to the locals. This may be the last rotation of a Nat'l Guard Brigade Combat Team. Read the Shrinking Guard Role in Iraq for more.


Brian said...

Good to see that the Guards role is decreasing in Iraq. Lets hope the idiots next door in Iran and the UN don't force the US to take action next.


Sack said...

Scott Adams the Dilbert guy thinks we should give Iraq to Iran and let them worry about it. Of course it wouldn't work but it would definitely keep them busy.