"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

LSA Anaconda Pool

Here are some pics from the pool. The temps have been consistently over 100 this week, we hit 105 one day. After the workout we've found a dip in the pool is quite refreshing. I finally got up the nerve to go off the big platform. The highest one is roped off, so the second is as high as we go I'm now trying to get my dive down so I can go head first. I've done it okay on the low board, but the second is much higher. I also want to try a back flip, but there is plenty of time for that. I've been getting back into running some lately. I'm back up to doing around 5 miles for my long day. It is a little strange, I usually wait to run until it cools down to about 85, which is around 900PM. All of the buildings and street lamps are turned off in order to deter the bad guys from shooting at us, so it is incredibly dark. They aren't very good shots so it doesn't matter much. I keep to the roads away from the wire so it is as safe as being in the gym on the treadmill. I was thinking the other night how much I miss running around Lake Zorinsky at home. Jason and I went quite a bit, and having someone to talk to makes a big difference. The great thing about running around a lake is that you get a few miles around, there is no quitting early. Here, you have to do laps so if you get tired or bored you just quit. And no headphones because they are a safety hazard. Also the air here is really dusty so that makes another challenge. I may train for a 1/2 marathon while I'm here. We'll see how it goes and how motivated I am. Mongolian night is cancelled tomorrow, so I'm pretty bummed about that. At least we got advance notice so we won't be too upset.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are wearing your sunscreen!!!!
-Your loving wife

Anonymous said...

Your emails are great! The pictures of Ben are SO cute. Looks like he did well with the haircut & the birthday cake. Sam has the same little red striped shirt from Target, but I'm sure Ben's is at least 2 sizes bigger :)
The numbers keep going down at work. We're at $67.9 which is pretty cool. The pool looks nice. Sounds like it's a good thing they have it since the temps are so high. When I read that you were able to see Erika & Ben live on Mother's Day, I cried. I'm glad you got to do that. Can you get a web cam? Let us know what you want to know about and we'll keep you posted. Leah

Anonymous said...

Hey my good friend!

This site is fantastic. Technology is incredible and what a great way to keep in touch. Would have been a nice way to keep in contact with Blake while he was in Afghanistan or Blake & Brent while they're off on a boat somewhere.

I'm going to back Rik on this...hope you're wearing your sunscreen bud. You'll end up looking like that Husker Flag that's missing.

Look forward to seeing the next entry!

God Bless.
Stay strong. Be safe.

- Your good friend B

Anonymous said...

Sack, Hey man you need some SPF 1 million, please don't combust. Seeing you up on the dive reminds me of when we were kids @ Peony Park swimming. By the way there is no shame in doing a toothpick off of the highest part of the platform.


rickland4 said...

steve...your notes are very interesting! i cannot imagine 105 degrees with all the equipment you are wearing! lori is coming into town this tuesday for a week. i will also be seeing ben and erika this friday. they are coming over to celebrate my birhday. your son sure has grown from the last time i saw him.

i will stay in touch. keep using the sunscreen!

rick landholt