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In the deed the glory."

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Love This FOB

We had a distinguished visitor to LSA Anaconda yesterday. Toby Keith showed up and played for about an hour. It was a good show, you could tell that he was genuinely glad to be here and a big supporter of the troops. He did all of his big hits and a couple from his new album. The only thing that was really missing was a few cold beverages and the night would have been perfect. He actually made a joke about the NA beer, and of the soldiers ran up on stage and gave him one. He said if it was good enough for us he would drink one, so he did. That wasn't the best moment of the night however. There was some reserved seating right in front of the stage, and we were joking that it was probably for the general and the other brass. About 2o minutes before the show started, a bus pulled up and they brought in wounded soldiers from the base hospital, which is the largest in Iraq. The crowd (I would guess 3000-4000) gave them a standing ovation. There is a memorial day service tomorrow which I'm sure will take on a new meaning being here.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Had to be a great time. Pretty good break from the movie theatre I'm sure. I was watching a deal on him the other night and he was talking about not being allowed to go over there. He pretty much said forget that. I'm rollin' my own dice and I'm going to hang with the troops. Lot of respect. Drinking NA beer though...thought he was bigger than that. Just kiddin'.

What an awesome feeling that must have been to be able to be part of that standing ovation. Something I'm sure you'll never forget.

Take care, be safe.
Your good friend B