"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Holling Heights

Here is one for the small world column. I was helping sort mail today and noticed a return address for Holling Heights. I spent 7 solid years there, Kindergarten - 6 grade. My company commander, Captain Lorenz, happens to teach there, or at least did before he got deployed. So we got to talking and some of the teachers I had are still there, Ms West in 1st grade, Mr. Melichar in 3rd grade, and the music teacher Ms Elliot. Ms. West I think kept me after school for an entire quarter. Mr. Melichar, as I remember it, banished me from ever writing in cursive again because my handwriting was so terrible. To this day I still write in block letters, all caps, and even that is hard to read. The pit is still there, and the train that some of the parents of kids in my class built is still there, although in a little different setup. They still get pizza for the crossing guard detail on Friday's, although it is Pizza Hut now and not Valentinos. Sadly, Mr. Colinino and Ms. O'Hare were not around at the same time as CPT Lorenz. I am little worried what some of the teachers may say, as, believe it or not, I caused a little bit of trouble as a young man. Some would say I had a bit of a smart mouth. If I'm lucky they'll remember what a good student my sister was and forget about my antics.

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