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In the deed the glory."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Buffalo

This is a picture of a big truck that rolls around the base. The Humvee is included for scale. If you know how big a Humvee is, you can see how giant this beast is. We are not exactly sure what it is used for, but it looks pretty mean. There is quite the variety of vehicles here, some that I didn't even know existed. Since this is a coalition base there are also vehicles from other countries. I think my favorite are the British, they cruise around in Land Rovers with little Union Jacks (their flag) on the bumpers. We also see some of the private contractors vehicles, they have uparmored Suburbans with all kinds of crazy attachments. Most of them look like they have seen a few trips around the country.

Yesterday was Benjamin's 1st birthday. I called and sang him happy birthday and he seemed to like that. While we were on the phone he stood up by himself for the first time! He is a big boy now, no longer an infant and now a toddler. The hardest part about the deployment so far is being away from him and Erika. Missing his milestones never gets any easier. His party is this weekend, I'm looking forward to the pictures and hopefully some videos. I sent him some new books for his present. I think he will like them.

For those of you that are following along at home, today is Thursday, which means Mongolian! Another week is almost over. SSG Johnson has a new plan for Saturday's Fried Rice night. You can take your food to go as well for up to 3 people. He is going to eat one plate, then go back up and make another one and take it with him, so he can have Fried Rice for 2 or 3 days in a row. We had steaks last night, they weren't very good but at least they tried.


Forney said...

This is a really cool blog and I enjoy taking a break from my e-mails and other work to read the latest news and see how you are doing. I am taking off early tomorrow afternoon as we are heading home to see my Mom and Grandma for Mother's Day. It should be lots of fun. Allison is going to stay in Chappell with Nana and Grandpa for a few extra days and my Mom is going to bring her bacdk to Omaha on Thursday. It works out great since I will be in Naperville Mon-Wed anyway. The "boys" will have the house to themselves for a few days...scary.

Funny story for you...last night when I got home I heard Jeff saying "oh, no, what's this? what have you done Allison?" So, I high-tailed it upstairs to our room only to find Allison holding onto a bright pink magic marker with wide eyes. Carson came barreling around the corner and was covered from head to tow with multi-colored marker stripes all over his body!!! It was so funny...I told Jeff he would have to discipline Allison on this one as I was laughing too hard. I took Carson to his bathroom and started washing him off only to find that Allison had really done a good job on him. He has pink marker in his hair all over, his scab on his forehead from the stitches incident was circled, he had marker in his ear, in between each toe, his ear was circled, his neck was striped, and his hands and arms were covered!!! It was quite a night at the Forneys. I hope you are laughing about still makes me giggle as I am writing it. =)

Hope the Mongolian was good...they had stir fry at Commons today and it wasn't very good. I thought of you and how your Mongolian would be better than the stir fry.

Talk to you later. Thanks for the posts - great to hear from you!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve, the big vehicle in the back is a Buffalo, the arm is for probing mines. EOD uses this to clear roads ect. Tim (friend I work with who you talked to after he returned from the sand box) knew what it was.


mindy said...

Speaking of Humvees, I saw one the other day passing me on the highway in Manila and heading for Arcata. It had a 'powered by biodiesel' bumpersticker. I didn't know what to make of it.
Next to me on my bicycle, the Humvee seemed like a beast- I can't begin to imagine the enormity of that Buffalo!
Oh, Mr.B...