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Friday, September 01, 2006

SSG Jeffrey Hansen

Bad news from Iraq. We lost a soldier last week, SSG Jeffrey Hansen. His vehicle rolled into a canal on a combat patrol outside of our base. It is a obviously a tragic situation and everyone here is deeply saddened. You can read more about it at the following links. I did a story sometime back about the Patriot Guard Riders (last link). They will be supporting the family during this difficult time. The memorial service here at Anaconda is scheduled tomorrow, and the funeral service at home is Tuesday in Minden. Please keep SSG Hansen's wife and family in your thoughts and prayers, and also the other 3 soldiers involved in the accident.

Lincoln Journal Star

Patriot Guard


Kathi said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and also with the family and friends back here.

My deepest sympathy to you all.

Brian said...

Greatest of sympathy to the family, friends and to all of you. All are in my prayers and I hope all find peace through God for the loss.

Stay safe,