"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Friday, September 29, 2006

Pictures from Leave - 2

Here are some more pics from my trip home. This is Benjamin at the park. He is getting ready to go down the slide.
This is me and my brother on the deck, drinking a beer. You will probably notice that he has lost like 30 pounds since the last picture I posted from Camp Shelby. I can still kick his butt though. He was able to switch his MOS (military occupation specialty) from Infantryman to Medic, so that is a good thing. Although he won't be in the Cav now which is probably for the best, the medic job will have some more opportunities on the civilian side. We had to retake the picture because I didn't have any shoes on and he had boots on, so in the first one he was about 3 inches taller than me, which is of course not accurate. I simply couldn't have that on film for the record. Here is one that same night of my wife (aka the beautiful girl) and me. We really had a fantastic time on leave. I was lucky enough to be able to spend all of my time with her and Benjamin. Most of the time was spent just hanging out around the house, running errands, pretty much just enjoying out time together. The grandparents were great coming over to babysit as well so that we could have some time for the two of us. I have a new appreciation for what a stay at home mom goes through. Mr. B is pretty demanding as far as his needs and keeps you pretty busy throughout the day. It is really hard to get anything else done because he needs constant attention. I'm pretty sure that the wife has the more difficult job of the two of us on this deployment.


Brian said...

Holy sh$#! Jeff must have been pounding the pavement or hit the crack or something. He lost a ton. Ya' all are looking really good.
Keep up the good work Jeff!


Sack said...

I have three words for you:
Meth-am-phetamines. Works every time my friend, works every time.

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