"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Saturday, September 02, 2006

DDP In the House

Hammer is doing a pictorial of lovely LSA Anaconda. You can check it out here. Nicely done Hammer.

We had another distinguished visitor this week. None other than Diamond Dallas Page, former 3 time WWF champion. He has a new gig now called Yoga for Real Guys, and he came to Anaconda to sign autographs and actually do his workout. The workout looked much too intense for me, so I skipped that and did the normal workout with the guys. I usually hit the treadmill when I get done while the Hammer and Johnson go back to their room and play NCAA Football 2007. If I only had a Playstation 2.... As I got started on the treadmill, DDP was just finishing up the yoga workout. I got lucky and 4 miles later as I wrapped up my run, the line was down to about 10 people for autographs and pictures. So I took my sweat soaked shirt over and got the picture below. The pose is the infamous "Diamond Cutter" which was DDPs finishing move. I have just one word for you, Awesome! The guy is in phenomenal shape for being 50 years old, so there may be something to this whole yoga thing.

Here is another picture from earlier that night. I guess some Girl Scouts sent us a ton of cookies. We usually get a few boxes here and there but this looked like a truckload. For some reason they put them in the gym for people to take. I thought it slightly ironic but what do I know. I resisted temptation and put the 2 boxes back after posing with them, they were even Thin Mints. Other people may not have been so strict. You can save your comments about how silly the weightlifting gloves luck as I already know. I have been an office guy for the last 5 years and cherish my smooth white collar worker hands. The weight lifting was starting to give me callouses, so I got online and purchased me up some Nike gloves. Much better!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were able to resist thin mint cookies. Your will is much stronger than mine. You must have had a good workout prior.
We're looking forward to your visit home. Be safe until then.

Go big red!