"Not the victory but the action. Not the goal but the game.
In the deed the glory."

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


We are always looking for something fun and interesting to pass the time over here when we aren't working. One of those "hobbies" is throwing tomahawks. The first Cav scouts were American Indians, so they are part of the history of the Cavalry. Major Teegerstrom (aka Tigerstroke), the Squadron Executive Officer, is the ringleader of the tomahawk posse. I finally broke down and put an order in for one and have joined the group. Saturday night was originally slated for Cigar and Stetson night (more on that later), but has grown to include a tomahawk challenge as well. The group gathers together and plays a game of HORSE. There are a variety of different trick shots, however, the winners usually are the guys that consistently put a tomahawk on the target from the standard line. I didn't fare so well in the first week. After much practice during the week, I unfortunately cracked under the pressure and went 0 for 5 for a quick exit. There was much heckling and trash talking from the more experienced tomahawk throwers and I folded like a cheap suit. The only positive was that Mr. Regan (aka Big Chief) didn't take home the gold. For those of you that know Big Chief, he tends to get a little bit excited when he is the champ, and everyone gets to hear about it all week. MAJ Tigerstroke narrowly defeated MSG Arner (aka The Fairbury Flash) in a match that was fought to the bitter end. Here is the range:

Me in action.
A nice toss!

SGT Hanseling also posted some good pics of the range. You can check out his post here. You will notice that great minds think alike!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, reminds me of the begining of the movie "Patriot" when Mel Gibson saves his son.
That has to be pretty tough. Timing, distance, form, grip, release, follow through...shoot kinda sounds like golf. You might be outta luck bud. Just kiddin' sound like good times. Pretty soon you'll be jungling them or tossing them blind folded or something. Maybe you need to paint that tomahawk up a bit for good luck. Maybe some Indian markings or blood droplets coming down the handle. Maybe cammo it up...

So with all these akas, what do they call you? What is being added to list over the years..."Moses", "The Sack", "Sugar(Kane)" just to mention a few...what do you got?

Ole' buddy B.

Anonymous said...

So I guess I've passed the test, and I've now been given access to your blog. I feel honored to be in the circle of a real live American hero.

It's good to see you've got such skill! I'm sure it will come in handy someday. :) It's even better to know that there's time for some fun in the desert.

Keep up your hard work...We're proud of you.


Sack said...

I don't have any new nicknames to report. Although after this post I had to explain to the guys how I got the nickname Sack. Usually people just call me Hey Legal Guy or something like that.

Thanks for checking in. I hope you are keeping Dan in line back in the states.